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Truth About Permanent Make-up Revealed

Posted on March 15, 2018


Permanent make-up is the hot topic in beauty right now. Everyone seems to be talking about it and inevitably, there are a lot of unhelpful rumours and myths doing the rounds. As trained experts in permanent make-up at Principal Beauty, we thought we would set the record straight!

When deciding whether a permanent make-up treatment is right for you, it’s important that you have access to the best information. Making decisions based on the facts about permanent make-up, rather than myths.

I have been trained by renowned artist Karen Betts and I’ve been providing permanent make-up treatments here at Principal Beauty ever since. This experience and training allows me to be able to shine a light on some of these untruths.

Here are some of the common questions and statements I get asked and hear regularly:

Myth 1 – ‘It’s exactly the same as tattooing’

  • The industry uses a lot of terms for permanent make-up – one of them that you may have heard of is ‘cosmetic tattooing’.
  • This name makes sense – whenever pigment is inserted under the skin with an instrument, tattooing is occurring.
  • This treatment is a form of tattooing but it’s not exactly the same as the tattoos you can get on the rest of your body!


  • There is a significant difference between traditional tattooing and permanent make-up and that’s primarily in the materials we use.
  • Permanent make-up uses pigment that has been specifically developed to recreate the look of conventional make-up.
  • We also use specialist needles designed for cosmetic and medical work.

Myth 2 – ‘Is it a type of cosmetic surgery?’

Cosmetic surgery is obviously a big part of the beauty industry but don’t get confused – permanent cosmetic treatments are vastly different!

Both treatment types are used to enhance your features and bring beauty to your life but

  • Permanent make-up is distinctive from fillers and other surgical treatments. There is no general anaesthetic or ‘going under the knife’.
  • Permanent make-up is a far less invasive treatment.

Myth 3 – ‘It’s going to look fake and unnatural’

This is the myth that makes us laugh the most.

The developments in the beauty industry have been so great over the last few years that beautiful and natural results are simple to achieve.

With an experienced artist who has worked on various skin types and ages , your make-up won’t look un-natural!

  • For eyebrows, specialist hair stroke techniques are used to create the illusion of naturally full or defined brows.
  • For lips, although initially darker, this colour quickly fades to leave you with lush lips that perfectly complement your face.
  • For eyes,  a thin, subtle line of eyeliner will make your eyes stand out in the most natural way.

Don’t forget:

Some people want to stand out! The natural look isn’t for everyone and many people want defined eyeliner, notable brows or lively lips, these are all also achievable with permanent makeup.

Myth 4 – ‘It will last forever! / it won’t last forever!’

Ok, this can get a bit confusing! Just how long does permanent make-up last?!

It’s called permanent make-up, but in reality, these treatments fade over time but do not disappear altogether.

Instead, they last between 18 and 30 months depending on skin tone, exposure to UV rays and your general lifestyle.

Permanent make-up lasts long enough to…

  • be great value for money
  • bring lasting changes to your daily routine
  • save you time every day

Regular maintence is required to maintain a perfect look and the time scale differs from person to person.

Myth 5 – ‘It’s really painful’

Another microblading myth is that permanent make-up treatments are always really painful.

  • Everyone has a different pain threshold but most clients are pleased to discover that the treatment doesn’t feel as uncomfortable as they expected it to be. This treatment is not going to make you cry!
  • A good permanent make-up artist will use a sensitive service that will allow you to feel more at ease throughout your treatment. I believe it’s important that your artist spends time to make sure you are comfortable.
  • A numbing cream can be used to minimise discomfort.

And remember, you aren’t getting a traditional tattoo with loud machines and long needles…

…some people often compare the sensation to like having an electric toothbrush held against your skin.

Myth 6 – ‘It’s just a beauty treatment’

Whether it’s enhancing your features or reducing your morning make-up routine, there are so many reasons to have a permanent make-up treatment.

However, this isn’t just another beauty treatment. It really can change people’s lives.

One of our big joys is when we have the opportunity to provide medical tattooing for our clients.

  1. Cancer patients
  2. Alopecia sufferers
  3. People wanting to cover up scars

These are just a small number of the potential beneficiaries of permanent make-up.

Whatever your reasons, permanent make-up can put a smile on your face and help you to be the real you.

Myth 7 – ‘It’s a trend for ‘young’ people’

We occasionally hear people worrying that permanent make-up is just for ‘young’ people.

Don’t think like that! No matter your age, permanent make-up can make a difference to your life.

Permanent make-up can meet the needs of older clients too.

Myth 8 – It’s only for women

Whatever your gender you can benefit from permanent make-up!

Many men can be put off by words such as ‘make-up’ and ‘cosmetics’…

… but the reality is that some of these treatments can dramatically enhance male features.

Whether you’re looking for…

  • subtle ‘guy-liner’
  • standout eyebrows left sparse by hair loss

Guys, we can help you.

  • Other ideas that may appeal to men who care about how they look would be a soft lip blush to help redefine your lip line.

Book a free consultation at Principal Beauty.

Now that I’ve explained some of the myths surrounding permanent make-up, we’d love to support you in finding the right treatment for your needs.

Before any permanent make-up treatment, we provide a free, detailed consultation to get to know our clients and their needs. If you are interested in permanent make-up or microblading and have any questions, please get in touch with us.

I would love to help you find the right treatment for you and talk through any other enquires or worries you may have.

Look naturally beautiful, feel more confident and enhance your features with permanent make-up at Principal Beauty.

Why Principal Beauty?

Principal Beauty has a trained and experienced semi permanent make-up artist. At Principal Beauty, our main focus of care is that we give the client the best attention to detail, advice and YOUR ideal look. We try to ensure you are as comfortable as can be by using a numbing cream to minimise pain and by going through a thorough consultation before any money is paid, allowing you to make your mind up on what you are wanting to acheive from the treatment. We have a huge portfolio of pictures to show some of our work, book in for your consultation today.

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